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In the european music scene Bianca has long been a fixed size.
As a composer, songwriter, producer and performer especially as it stands for
musical entertainment at the highest level.

Bianca is a perfectionist.
She composed and produced their songs themselves generally
Her last album "Im Namen des Vaters" has arranged Ady Zehnpfennig.

Her songs sold more then 40 million
and numerous awards such as the Hermann-Lons-Medal
the crown of folk music, the Edelweiss, and many hit parade success
placements and the "Grand Prix of folkmusic" speak for itselves.

Bianca (her real name: Herlinde Grobe, was born 1948 in Hausen near Offenbach)
She is a German singer and composer of popular hits.
She is known mainly for her songs with religious content

As a singer, she appears under the name of Bianca,
as a composer under her real name Herlinde Grobe.

Bianca has already played accordion as a child and sang in a children's choir.
She also studied classical dance.
With about fifteen years she worked as a pop singer.

In the 1970s she sang in musicals Christian
(with ao 1973, the role of Lydia in the St. Paul Oratorio by Siegfried Fietz).
Bianca has been discovered in a youth competition in Frankfurt / Main.

She also sang along with Frank Farian's hit "Rocky" in the chorus
(as in Jumping over your shadow", "Tommy", and it should not lie to me).

1977 Frank Farian produced for Herlinde the single “The Boy, Whom I Can Never Forget"

In 1986 she began her career as a singer and composer.
She composed two songs and even initially sang them (Songs of the mountains and Zaubersee)
for the Grand Prix of folkmusic,

In competitions, the title was sung by Heino and Uschi Bauer. Heino´s track reached number 12th,
reached Grand Prix of folkmusic 1989 she was again well represented with two songs composed by her.

At the Grand Prix of folksmusic, 1989 she was again well represented with two songs composed by her.
“Do You Hear the Bells of Stella Maria”, sung by Edith Prock which reached # 4.
The “Roses and the Madonna”, which she sang herself reached 5th place.
At the Grand Prix der Volksmusik in 1990, the song she sang was “Dear God, Let Us Receive”.
they also put emphasis on our future.
In the same year she reached 3rd Place with her song “I dream in the Moor” in the competion.
Together with Thomas Fritsch she published the song, “You Were No Different”.

In the same year she reached my dream in the heath in the competition
songs as beautiful as the 1990 North 3rd Place.

In 1992, she was with a "Shepherd's dream" at the Grand Prix of folkmusic 1992 and reached number 10,

Grand Prix of folkmusic 1996, she finished with "Und in Val Campano ist Frühling" the 4th place.

In most popular television and radio events, she was often a welcome guest.
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