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Bianca played accordion as a child and sang in a children's choir. She learned classical dance training. At fifteen, she tried to be a pop singer. Together with Thomas Fritsch, she released the title of your not waiting but different. In the 1970s, she sang at Christian musicals (including 1973, the role of Lydia in Paul's Oratory of Siegfried Fietz) with. Also in 1973, she took for those who rejoice Radio Luxembourg the Erkennungsmedlodie Radio Luxembourg wishes "Good morning" to. They also sang together with Frank Farian in its Rocky hit the chorus (as in jumping over your shadow, Tommy and to me it should not be). In 1977 Farian Herlinde for the Single The boy I never can forget. In 1986, she began her career as a singer and composer. She composed two tracks (songs of the mountains and enchanted lake) for the Grand Prix of folk music, which she first sang himself. In competition, the title was then sung by Heino and Uschi Bauer. Heinos title reached number 12, Uschi Bauer dropped out prematurely. At the Grand Prix der Volksmusik 1989 she was again represented with two songs composed by her. Do you hear the bells of Stella Maria, sung by Edith Prock reached no 4, and the roses of the Madonna, which she sang himself, reached number 5 at the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1990 they tried it with the song Dear God, let us receive and never got beyond the preliminary round. In the same year she reached with I dream in the heath in the contest songs as beautiful as the north in 1990 to 3rd place. In 1992, she was with Shepherd's Dream at the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1992 and reached number 10, and the Grand Prix der Volksmusik 1995, she never got beyond the preliminary round. At the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 1996 she won with and is in Val Campano Spring 4th Place. With popular television and radio events, it is frequently a guest.

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